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Friday, July 12, 2013

Wildflower Garden {year 2}

Last year I planted a wildflower garden with the help of my boyfriend's mom (details here). We started it with a wildflower seed pack. Below is what it looked like last year. There were a mix of bachelor buttons, coreposis, scarlet flax, and catchfly flowers. Everything was a little bit delicate, a little bit timid. The flowers were weak and just getting their footing in the soil last year.

This year the wildflowers are looking super strong, and entirely yellow! The varieties that survived this year and "won" the evolutionary test were the black-eyed susans and the gallardia.

Out of all the amazing flower species we planted last year, these were the only two that really dominated in year two, 2013. There are two varieties of black eyed susans, ones that have all yellow petals, and ones with a dark orange on the inside of the petals leading up to the black center. The gallardia petals are a beautiful coral color with yellow edges, with red/yellow centers. 

I've been cutting these like crazy for indoor bouquets. I have some in my kitchen, some in our foyer, and some on my desk at the office. Someone at work even thought they were fake! #flattered. 

These guys really started blooming in May. The photos above were taken at the very end of June. I have a feeling they will continue to bloom into August. More on the blooming life cycle to come! From what I read, gallardia will keep blooming if you cut them. This is one of my favorite flower qualities, continuous blooming all summer long!! 

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