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Monday, April 29, 2013

CRAFT- Planting Ranunculus Bulbs

Ranunculus are like the Celine bag of gardening right now. They are everywhere, trending like crazy (and understandably so). These gems are vibrant, colorful, and stunning with layers of petals that burst from wild, beautiful stems.

Naturally, I decided to try and plant my own. To be honest, I tried last year, but I got them in the ground too late and no blooms appeared. Seedlings didn't even appear. It was a pretty epic failure. Somebody call the wah-ambulance. 

It's ok. I'm over it. No wah-ambulance necessary. I've done some research. Ranunculus like to be cool. I'm in the northeast (zone 6) and by June we have weather in the 80's. The sun blazes down on our gardens in a pretty major way and plants that need to be cool when getting rooted don't stand a chance. So for early spring bulbs, that means planting in the late March- late April time frame. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

CONSUME - Etsy Picks: Stackable Gold & Diamonds

I came across this unusual trillion (triangular) cut diamond ring on Etsy and was very intrigued. I love the idea of wearing it stacked with simple gold bands or other interesting shaped, very minimal pieces, like the pear diamond ring above (bottom right). I was impressed with some of the amazing stackable gold rings available on Etsy.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CRAFT- 2013 Vegetable Garden - early Spring Planting (zone 6)

The weekend of March 30 I prepped one of my four raised beds and got some early spring seeds in the ground. I'm in eastern Pennsylvania, so early spring planting for us is mid-March to late April. Only cold-weather tolerant seedlings can handle being planted before the frost-free date (May 15th). I planted:

Early Spring Vegetables (zone 6):

  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • radishes
  • kale
  • beets (so many beets, because I love them. nom nom.)
  • onions (bulbs)
  • garlic (bulbs)

I also dusted off the gladioli bulbs that were over-wintered in my basement and planted them. I noticed when I took them out that they were already starting to create shoots!

Three weeks later, the seedlings are looking strong and happy. I've even had to thin them out once or twice. Above are the little lettuce seedlings as of April 20th. My mom says you can eat these teeny tiny seedlings and they will be yummy in salads. 

I also planted brussel sprouts, peas, sweet peas and ranunculus two weeks later (April 13). I got a second row of lettuce in the ground too, so that as the first row matures I will have more lettuce that's on a slightly different growing schedule. More photos to come as the rest of the veggies emerge from the soil.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Etsy Picks: Printed Tea Towels / Housewarming

One of my nearest and dearest friends just bought a house! Such a momentous step in life and I am in the midst of compiling a little housewarming gift for her. I have been hunting for lovely (& practical) house accessories. I'm going to combine some of my favorite things into a pretty little lantern as a "gift basket". First thing to fill the "gift basket" are pretty tea towels. Etsy did not disappoint with a bunch of fabulous options:

Photo fred from OneKingsLane

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Denver Travels

Denver Skyline Print

My handsome boyfriend and I are heading to Denver later this spring and so... I've been searching the old Interweb to get familiar with this fabulous, laid-back city. I came across the Design*Sponge Denver City Guide, complete with a Google Map of all the hottest Denver destinations.

On my list of (art) places to visit:
  • Museum of Contemporary Art: I checked out the current happenings at MCA Denver and am most interested in seeing Eduardo Sabia's photo exhibition, Tainted. D*S suggests sipping a glass of wine at the rooftop MCA CafĂ©. Supposedly there are beautiful views of downtown Denver. I hear the gift shop is also a must!
  • Denver Art Museum: I'm super bummed to see that I won't be in town for the exhibition of Nick Cave's Sojourn installation, or for Mark Rothko's Figure to Field exhibition. I might have to come back to the Denver Art Museum later in the summer just for a trip to the DAM!
  • Navajo Street Art District: I'm excited to see that there are First Friday festivities happening in the Denver art scene. Apparently the Navajo Street Art District is filled with artist co-ops, galleries, performing arts series. Sounds like my cup of tea. 
  • HINTERLAND: This is an art space made from reclaimed and salvaged materials. The husband and wife duo behind HINTERLAND feature contemporary art in the space. I worry that if we go, my boyfriend might never come home. Their website advertises a beautiful studio space with an exposed brick wall for only $360/month. Drool.