Craft & Consumption

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Foray into Mask Making

So this post comes super super late, but since my last post was all about Halloween mask inspiration, I thought I should share the outcome of my foray into mask making here on Craft and Consumption. I was a little shy about this process at first, but my boyfriend Mark provided me with a little nudge (and a great book about paper masks), and I got the creative process flowing right before we hosted our big Halloween bash. If you're interested in paper mask making, definitely check out the Cut and Make mask book series, available at Amazon.

We're pictured above in our totally unique, DIY paper masks. Here's a detailed view of mine:

I made the whole mask almost entirely from a great, heavy weight paper from the Martha Stewart craft collection. She makes a ton of variety paper packs, I chose one with a wide array of vivid colors. I used this awesome doily lace edge puncher to create the pretty scallops, also from Martha Stewart's craft line, and a ton of hot glue to keep the paper in place. The base for the mask was one of those white hockey masks that you can pick up around Halloween for about $2.00. I accented the paper with a few sharpie lines, some feathers, and 3 turquoise navettes in the center.

Mark also used the same paper, albeit in some of the more neutral tones! He extracted the eyeballs from a cheap dollar store mask and integrated them into his own creation. Pretty cool, eh?! He went more of a tribal route, while I ended up looking more like a bird (or something?).

I totally encourage you all to make DIY costumes next year. Making the mask was totally just as fun as the party itself!!