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Monday, April 30, 2012

Wildflower Garden {stage 1}

We have our own tranquil little view from the cozy front porch of our house here in the Northeast (zone 6 for all of you gardeners). I decided earlier this spring that the only thing that could make our view a little better is a cheerful wildflower garden on top of the sloping hill. 

I worked with one of my expert gardener friends to prep the space. We ripped up old landscaping cloth that was down before we moved in, and removed all of the weeds that had grown on top of it. Then we let the soil dry for a week. 

We bought a fabulous wildflower seed mixture that includes the following flowers: 

(Note: these flowers all bloom at different times from spring through fall, so I'm very excited to have blooms all season long!)

We put all of these lovely, different seeds in a bucket and mixed them with sand. We then put that mixture into a hand-held grass seed spreader (like this). Mixing it with the sand and spreading the seed with a spreader meant that we got the seed spread evenly over the garden patch. If we had sprinkled it with our hands, it would've come out in uneven rows.

After the seed was spread, we simply piled a bit of straw on top and then watered the patch thoroughly. After a week of watering, this is what the seedlings looked like (Note: teeny tiny bits of green are popping through the soil, if you look REALLY close!). 

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  1. That is going to look so pretty! How I wish I had some gardening space!