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Monday, July 29, 2013

June & July Blooming Summer flowers (zone 6)

Tiger lilies from my mom's house that I scooped up for an indoor bouquet.

Cleome that re-seeded itself in my raised beds. I planted this last year and had no intention of planting it again. I was pleasantly surprised by these fuchsia blooms.

Gladioli in coral and hot pink are my favorites. I also have a ton of baby gladioli bulbs that have come up this year. They make for dramatic indoor bouquets and look spectacular mixed with lilies and flox.

The hydrangeas are AMAZING this year. I'm so excited. They've migrated from a drab pink/green color to true pinks, purples, and a touch of blue. I think the coffee grounds I put on them in early spring helped secure the deep hues.

Pink roses and lace-cap hydrangeas from my mom's.

My asiatic lilies are doing oh-so well. We planted these last year in big pots on the patio, then transplanted them to the perennial flower bed. Best idea ever. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

I am so proud of my ranunculus. How beautiful are they? The bulbs I planted back in March produced gorgeous fuchsia blooms that started in late May and lasted until early July. I was in love! Must dig up and repeat for the 2014 garden! 

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