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Friday, August 2, 2013

Cobalt Blue at Home

I think I've been nesting a little more than usual this summer. Not sure why. Maybe it's turning 27. Getting closer to 30 makes you want to decorate and cozy up in your house? I dunno... but I'm proud of our little home and love editing and modifying my surroundings so they feel like "us".

Graphic Ikea Pillow
I like the mix of bright blue, graphic black & white, and the colorful turquoise and indigo pillows my mom & dad brought me back from Bali years ago. 

Vintage lamp with Anthropologie Shade

I realize looking at this photo that almost everything in our house is vintage. The chair was a flea market find. The lamp was a flea market find with an Anthropologie shade on top. The yellow trunk is an antique that was refurbished as a gift for us. The only thing not vintage is the metal table (that serves up fresh hydrangeas) and the red painting (a portrait my dad made in the 80's.)

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