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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rabbits in my Garden {Fences and Gates Ed.}

I've been a little upset lately about my garden. I planted lots of cold weather vegetables back in March, including lettuce, spinach, kale, and beets. Unfortunately rabbits have invaded and found my bounty! They have eaten most of the veggies that I planted so far this summer.

We just purchased a garden gate and are working on a fence to keep the varmints out. It's not complete, but we're about 60% there! Here's the gate/arbor that we found. More info/photos to come. I am truly hoping this helps the rabbit infestation problem. Fingers crossed!!

Garden Arbor with Gate

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  1. Been enjoying your gardening posts.Kudoes on the success of your white tulips & peonies. Yes sadly here in northeast the rabbits have been proliferating at a fast pace, the squirrels too. As cute as they are, they're a bane to anyone with a veggie patch. The fench will keep them out for the most part, although at times I've seen them tunnel under. For a redundant measure you can spread cayenne pepper around the perimeter & randomly scatter peppermint candies among the plants. For some reason they don't like the aroma. There's also an all natural biosafe application with the same ingredients called Critter-Out that you can spray on every so often during the growing season, this seems to work as well. Check out the Penn State gardening blog for some other tips too. Good luck & happy gardening.