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Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Ikat Wallpaper

Back in June I wrote this post about wall-papering my closet to create a vibrant jewelry area in my dressing area. I wanted to purchase this beautiful yellow ikat wallpaper from Graham and Brown, but it was pretty expensive. Plus, I'm not an experienced wallpaper hanger, so I would've had to pay to install it, or risk ruining my beloved (and $$$) purchase.

In an effort to figure out a better solution, I came across this cool DIY how to by Emily from MerryPad. She used some extra paint to create an ikat pattern at home in her closet. Inspired by her DIY-prowess, I set out to make my own version of her resourceful home project. 

It only helped that the writers over at Design*Sponge had a contest going on last month that involved the use of Scotch Blue painter's tape (check out the rules here), that just sealed the deal for me to get my bootie moving. And now I shall share with you my little DIY Ikat experience!

Step one involved laying out the painter's tape. I tried to use a level to make sure they were somewhat straight. I also used a pencil to measure out the horizontal lines 6" apart and then the vertical lines 4" apart. 

The next part gets the party started. You bust out a small brush and start systematically painting brush strokes in a diamond pattern within the taped lines. Same number of strokes in the same position, repeated seemingly hundreds of times.

After the first diamond pattern dried I removed all the tape. Then I painted smaller diamonds into the negative spaces with a slightly thinner brush. 

The closet has more work to be done (shelves, etc), but the big DIY painting project is complete! Can't wait to share the final look when it all comes together (if I'm lucky that'll happen in maybe, like... 6 months)! I'm super happy with the look so far, and I think it's very reminiscent of the original Graham and Brown yellow wallpaper that inspired this project. Already I'm feeling energized by the daily dose of yellow this brings to my dressing area. So glad I finally took the plunge and made it happen!

Do you have a DIY project you've been meaning to start? Go forth and get to it! :)

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