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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gardening: Journey of the tomato

The story of Lily's Great Tomato Gardening Adventure

I ventured over to the nearby Rodale Organic Gardening Institute and purchased 4 little tomato plants of varying varieties on May 12, 2012. (There I am below in red stripes! ...feeling so famous right now.)

About a month after plating the little guys, (on June 18th to be exact) I started to see some little toddler tomatoes emerging from the vines. They were green and small. The plants are supported by twine wrapped around wooden stakes that I drove into the ground with a serious sledgehammer (you know, like this). 

Last weekend (Aug 5, so about 2.5 weeks after planting) I harvested a TON of tomatoes in my little garden basket. You can see the small yellow ones, the red chargers, and the purple cherokee variety. There's also some cucumbers and onions in the mix too.

Subsequently, we've been feasting on tomatoes. Most recently, a fresh basil-tomato-mozzarella panini on homemade french bread (more on the bread-making to come). Nom nom nom. 

*For a reference on what nom means - please click here.

That, my friends, is the journey of my 2012 Great Tomato Gardening Adventure. 

The End.

P.S. For more tomato gardening inspiration, check out our family friend Tim Stark's book, Notes from An Accidental Tomato Farmer.


  1. Did you get much harvest after your first? We had a rough year it seems, for the bigger varieties... I'm automatically curious about others' experiences.

    1. Yes Sam the harvest has continued! I was fortunate to plant 4 different varieties, so they have come in at slightly different times, and they seem to just keep coming! Glad you liked my little gardening update :)