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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living in Style {more writing adventures}

This month I had the pleasure of writing my second article for the May 2012 issue of a local magazine, Berks County Living (see details on my first article here). This month, I wrote fondly about the house I grew up in. I decided to focus on a local theme, drawing attention to the elements in the house that are native to Pennsylvania. 

My parents were photographed for the article, surrounded by the quirky, eccentric things that make their house a very personal, special place.

In the writing and photography (by local photographer John Secoges), we explored the juxtaposition between turn-of-the-century antiques (most of which are from PA) and modern art (featuring many artists originally from Pennsylvania). 

I have always loved writing and feel so privileged that I have the opportunity (and time) to make freelance writing a part of my life. Special thanks to Nikki and Robyn at Berks County Living for giving me this opportunity!

P.S. The library featured in a lot of the shots is personally one of my favorite rooms in the house. It features some red vintage Eames chairs that my Dad was inspired to score after we watched this documentary as a family.

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