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Friday, February 10, 2012

The world of Charles & Ray Eames

Over the weekend, I watched this great documentary about husband & wife team Charles and Ray Eames. The PBS documentary (titled "The Architect and the Painter") walks the viewer through the couples' personal, professional, and creatives lives together. From the MoMA design competition in the late 1930's that sparked Charles' fascination with the perfect modern chair, to the couples subsequent adventure out west & the development of the Eames Office in downtown LA, this movie really gives the viewer an inside glimpse into the wonderful world of the Eames, both as a couple, as artists, and as successful entrepreneurs.

For those not familiar with the work of Charles and Ray, definitely click here to read about and watch this amazing documentary on the PBS website.

Some of my favorite quotes from the Eames:

  • "Take your pleasures seriously."
    • I love this quote, because it reminds me that life = work = play = life. Your play can turn into your work, but you must approach even the fun you seek in life with curiosity, devotion, and commitment. 
  • "Never delegate understanding."
    • This quote from Charles Eames really resonated with me, as I believe in this philosophy whole heartedly (and try to live by it daily). I am the type of person who truly desires understanding, and I will ask a million questions about the topic at hand until I fully understand it (this, I have been told, is called "hashing"). At the essence of this quote is the importance of understanding. You can't count on others to  fully understand a subject or a process for you, if you need to break something down and dig deep, become the expert. Ask the hard questions, read the volumes of books, and do the research that will get you to the level of understanding you need to tackle whatever it is you need to tackle.
Go forth, young creators... be inspired by the fascinating lives of Charles and Ray. You'll find curiosity, creativity, love, and a little bit of tragedy in this gem of a film.



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