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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy, happy Easter! May your holiday be filled with the crafting of Easter eggs, fabulous food, fragrant Easter lilies, and the company of good friends and family.

A hollow, marbelized egg made last year for the Egg Tree during our annual Egg Decorating party. This was done using nail polish and a bowl of water (appropriated idea from a nail art process: tutorial here). At some point I'll get around to doing a full tutorial with the eggs!

My brother Collin working on his wax resist egg using a kistka tool, which allows you to draw with the wax.

Our family Egg Tree, where all of the eggs we decorate each year find themselves on display each Easter.

My mom, ever the crafts-woman, making chocolate covered strawberries for Easter Sunday.

An amazingly fragrant Easter lilly. My namesake, and a gift for my Mom as a "thank you" for having us all over for the holiday (and cooking so much!).

Our crew of friends, buzzed on Trappist Rochefort beer and giddy after a full 8 hours of egg decorating. We're a little hard-core about our crafts. This is one reason why I love the holidays, creating traditions that are fun and inspire everyone to create brings a lot of joy and camaraderie to our little bunch.

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