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Sunday, May 10, 2009

NY Magazine: Design Liberation Issue

I loved the recent "Design Liberation" issue of New York Magazine, which showcased a myriad of design perspectives via personal interiors in and around New York. Among those featured were:

-fashion designer Jason Wu in his grey apartment (cooking dutifully throughout the interview in a beautiful NY kitchen, almost an oxymoron)
-former model and current director at Deitch Projects, Nicola Vassel, in her very utilitarian Manhattan loft 
-ad agency owner Richard Christiansen in his color-soaked suite at the Bowery Hotel
-Drew University senior, Maximilian Sinsteden, in his amazing college dorm room

Of all the interiors featured, I was most impressed by and drawn to the Drew University senior's space (above). For me this was very inspirational and telling that of all the accomplished New Yorkers featured in this magazine, this Drew University senior has the most innovative, beautiful space. Being a good designer doesn't mean you are a certain age, or from a certain place, or of a certain tax bracket. 

I am in awe that someone this age would be so motivated to paint & decorate a temporary dorm room to this extent. He clearly has a need and desire to design the world around him, and the dude obviously has a knack for it. Sinsteden's not afraid to make bold moves, use unexpected colors (just a shade beyond that green could've easily evoked puke, and yet this shade works in a calming, plant-like way), and just let his imagination run. I'm excited for him and hope he can throw together a sustainable business model that will get him through the current financial climate after graduation. 


  1. LILY max was a year below me at choate, we were good friends, i saw this article and almost diiieeed...he is amazing and talented and so true to himself. you are right to notice!

  2. wow small world anna! can't wait to see more of max's interiors!