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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I can't wait to get out of the north east cold and into the warmth of Florida! I am packing up my bags this week for a business trip with my Mom. Yay fun with Mumsley!

I recently read a great article in this month's issue of Bon Appetit, "Foodie Miami" which gave some great reviews for dining out in Miami. Writer Lee Klein talks about Michaels Genuine Food & Drink, which apparently features local food from nearby Florida farms. Speaking of local foods, I've been meaning to write about this Pennyslvania-based website BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL. Will get back to that later. I can't wait to try the local grouper ceviche at Michael's with passion fruit, avocado, and papaya! Mmmmm! 

And for my Mom, the fabulous Italian woman that she is, we'll have to try the highly recommended Italian restaurant Fratelli Lyon. As a throw back to my college semester in Spain, a little tapas bar Sra Martinez in Miami's Design District should do the trick! 

In other news, I am very upset to report that after weeks of lusting after this gorgggeous Victoria's Secret maxi dress, it has been seemingly banished from the Internet. I cannot find it anywhere on the VS site! So sad. It was a beautiful chiffon yellow dress, perfect for the 80 degree weather I love so dearly. A little fancy for around these parts, but definitely Miami-worthy.

In other news... these shorts are hot. And they're only $16. Unfortunately not in my size. This is a real bummer Tuesday. Did I mention my sister ditched me for her friends on our girly date night? 

Now these on the other hand, are totally in my size. Things are looking up.

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