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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camping in our Geodesic Dome

My boyfriend has always been fascinated by geodesic domes. After studying them for years and building toothpick models of 2V and 3V constructions, we seized the opportunity this summer and built a real-life geodesic dome (and by that I mean he did. Did I say "we"???). A celebration ensued with friends, beer, and a campfire.

The 2V dome was assembled with EMT conduit that he cut and hammered by hand. This entire project was accomplished in a week's time, in the evenings after 5:00. When all of the rods were cut, ends flattened, angled, and holes drilled, the bolts were purchased. Then we drove to our campsite and assembled the dome on-location. I tried to help. Mostly Mark assembled it by himself. I took photos. 

We then covered the dome with a plastic tarp to keep the heat inside during the night.

Oh, and we thought this was a special enough event to commemorate via t-shirts. So Mark designed a graphic tee and this happened. Hooray for summer DIY projects and celebrating the great outdoors with friends.

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