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Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Lucian Adventures

Over two weeks ago eight mid twenty-somethings packed up our bags, our gear, our electronics, our swim suits, and our copies of Hemingway for an epic week-long trip to St. Lucia. We left the cold East Coast winter in the rear view mirror and got lost together in a hilltop villa, surrounded by nothing but palm trees and pitons.

Spending time showing these friends around a place that's special to me, and seeing the island from their fresh perspective, was magical and so much fun. The week away reminded me of the things I value. Good food, shared meals. Dinner as a sacred act. Vodka sodas with lime, extra loud music. Oasis, Wonderwall (sing-alongs). Getting active, trying new things. Harvesting what nature has to offer, innovating with whatever you've got. Community. Shared experiences. Snuggling, sometimes aggressively. Dance parties, serious dance parties. Lots of laughter, epic, abdomen-busting laughter. And above all, getting lost.  

I've always adored this water-color wash print. To me, curiosity is of the utmost importance, no matter your age or place in life. Who are we if we don't ask questions, if we don't push the boundaries of what we know by trying new things, meeting new people, going new places, and getting lost in ourselves?

So, I'll raise a rum-filled-coconut-glass to that. Here's to getting lost, together, wherever the world may take you.

I'll have to write a post later about some of my favorite things to do in St. Lucia, from the windsurfing beach in Vieux Fort to the Mud Baths outside of Soufriere, I have so much love for this place!

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