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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel Journal {2013 update}

I have a rule: any trip that lasts 3 or more days goes into the Travel Journal. I filled two volumes of journals in 10 years with watercolors, descriptions of the places I've been, tickets, newspapers, wrappers, on-the-spot polaroids, and digital prints. At the end of 2011 I decided to design and make my own journal for my epic Volume III. My adventures in making the journal itself are chronicled on this blog here in my post titled "Bookbinding 101". 

I wanted to do an update post with images from Travel Journal Volume III. On my recent trip to Lake Placid for New Year's Eve 2013, I had some time to catch up on entries and reflect on my custom-made book. It's the best one I've had yet :)

The vellum pages allow me to make notes about or sketches of the photos underneath (without writing on top of the actual image). I adore that special little touch. 

I have a great canvas tote that I travel with when I can. It includes all of my PrismaColor colored pencils (in Ziploc), my Windsor Newton travel watercolor set, a small scissors, Stabilo markers, glue, and any images that I printed for the book.

 I recently went back to Volume I of my travel journal, which spans the 2001-2005 era of travel. I couldn't believe how much more aesthetically pleasing and better-designed my current Volume III is. Good things come with time & practice :)

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