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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Gallery Walls

A few years after re-doing our living room with a new coat of paint, new sofa, and a fabulous floral rug*, we finally made a commitment to get some of our favorite artwork** framed. Believe you me, custom-framing is expensive! 

After a few months of budgeting/planning we finally had a collection of pieces framed and ready to go up on the wall, the question was how to display them most easily? We decided on ledges. The process of figuring out the spacing was...well... it was a process.

First I started by laying the pieces out on the floor (thanks for the help Mom- this was a genius idea!). This allowed us to see how everything would look together.

Then we copied the artwork dimensions onto brown craft paper. We could then hang the faux artwork on the walls to test the spacing.

Then I hung painter's tape on the wall where the ledges were to be placed. The boyfriend did the actual drilling and mounting of the ledges (guided by the painters tape). When it comes to power tools, I'm not so coordinated (thanks for being awesome at this, Markus).

And wa-la! Over the course of the weekend we transformed our living room into a little gallery space, ready to showcase our latest prints, photos, drawings, and books in a snap. 

*Floral rug from Anthropologie.
**Phrenology poster from Kate's Paperie (similar here). Personal photos, lithograph prints, and friends' artwork. 

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