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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gardening: White Tulip Plans

Van Engelen - Mt Tacoma Double Tulip     ::     Styled tablescape from Faded Charm Cottage

After living in our house for over 4 years I've finally decided to invest in some tulips for our front flower garden. I have a big patch of black-eyed-susans that come up in late June/July, but nothing really pops up in the early spring to greet us. 

I decided on a big patch of white tulips, as I love their sweet, almost generic beauty. I also love that the crisp white color can be picked for floral arrangements that seamlessly blend into any room of the house. Plus, don't they look gorgeous in the ground, especially en masse? 

I was told to hunt for tulip bulbs on (my mother the fabulous gardener swears that this site has the cheapest, most interesting varieties). I found the most beautiful options there. I'm psyched to get 100 of the Mt Tacoma "peony-like" bulbs and 100 of the Tulip Montreaux "intoxicatingly fragrant" bulbs in the next few weeks. 200 bulbs in total were only about $85. I plan to have a tulip-planting party with lots of wine. I'm going to need some help to get 200 of these bad boys in the ground. 

I seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT. to plant these. Spring is going to be so fabulous in 2013! Now I just need to paint more rooms of our house white to match :) 


  1. That's sound's like a wonderful get together & the white tulips will look fantastic come the Spring. Depending on how woodsy it is where you live,you'll need to take some precautions to keep the local squirrels from making a meal from all your hard work. They seem to know right where find them.There's a lot of different methods that work, too numerous to post here. Do a Google search. Have fun & good luck!

    1. Thanks for the squirrel advice!! Will need to look into some options to keep the bulbs safe!