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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gardening: 3 weeks of growth

I'm so happy that I started planning my little garden back in February and got to planting in late March. Already my plants are seeming huge and it's still June! 

These photos represent the growth stage 3 weeks into planting:

I planted these Bachelor Buttons so I could transplant them to pots and save money on annuals this summer! 3 months later, they're currently in pots and blooming :)

I just found out yesterday that onions are ready to be harvested when their stalks fall over. Mine are just starting to collapse, must be a good sign. They're about 10 times as large as the picture above shows. This is when the little baby plants were 3-weeks old. Now they're maybe 2-3 feet high!

A little snapshot of my fist raised bed. We've made lots of progress since then... more images to come on the gardening progress! 

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