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Monday, March 19, 2012

Etsy Pick of the Week {Newlywed Gifting}

Everywhere I turn lately, weddings are in the air. It must be this warm spring weather. From wedding showers to bachelorette parties, my weekends are totally filled with wedding festivities! This reminds me that I'll need to be buying some wedding gifts soon. 

Of course I turned to Etsy to see what unique, personalized, handmade gifts I could find out there in the wild blue yonder, made by people just like me on their kitchen tables. Check out what I found...

  • Wedding Location Print - made by BetweenEverything (Brooke from Cleveland, OH) - $24
    • One of my very best friends just got engaged in Hawaii, so this made me think of her. :) A gift like this would definitely commemorate a special time and be a beautiful little post-wedding reminder of a special engagement.
  • Muriel Address Stamp - made by LetterGirl (Gina from Minneapolis, MN)- $40
    • I am in love with the mail. Wouldn't a lovely little stamp with the newlyweds' address be a cute little wedding gift? 
A good friend once told me that the best gift she got at her wedding was a substantial little gift card to the local liquor store. She and her husband saved the gift card for their 1 year anniversary and shared a special bottle of champagne together. I think a substantial liquor store gift card and little personalized memento would be a great way to honor previous memories and provide a little bubbly for making new memories too!

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