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Monday, January 16, 2012

Farm to Table (backyard edition)

I live in farm country and don't get an overwhelming amount of visitors. When my friend Jamie called unexpectedly to say she was coming down from NYC last fall, I was oh-so pleasantly surprised (read: ecstatic). Jamie is a food journalist (check out her writing here) who lives in Brooklyn, one of my dear friends from college. Her adventure to rural PA introduced me to a world I was so happy to find in my own backyard.

Jamie was in town to visit friends on a local farm, Eckerton Hill, for the annual pig roast. Hosted by farmer and writer Tim Stark (check out his book on tomato farming here), the gathering was a communal feast of farm hands, friends, and locals who all celebrated the summer's harvest and congratulated one another on a season of hard work.

It turns out, my parents' know Tim and his family well, and my Mom (a big organic gardener in her own right) joined me for the farming festivities.

We partook in some of the roasted pig.

Then feasted our eyes on these beautiful chili peppers, drying in the rafters of the Eckerton Hill barn.

The farm staff organized a few horse-drawn sleighs to take the visitors out to the fields and gather some pumpkins for carving.

Homemade whoopee pies were ahhhh-mazing. 

I was recently reminded of Tim's farm when I came across this amazing organization, Outstanding in the Field. More details on that to come. Suffice it to say, Jamie's visit to the area made me realize that the rise of farm-to-table is right in my very own backyard. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

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