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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Design Inspiration: Nan Whitney

I ended up over at Calico this morning in an effort to find some cheap, wonderful wall paper. In my explorations there I stumbled upon the extraordinary stylist Nan Whitney and fell in love with her bright, polished interiors (how awesome is the deep blue couch above and the rust orange ottoman?!). Below is the first room I saw of hers, love the bright bright bright colors.The green and yellow tables in the room above are so so fresh. And I love that there are many different printed patterns going on all over the place: the yellow floral chair, the fuchsia ikat chair (below, very interesting, very "me"), the velvet brocade pattern on the couch, the details of the persian rug. It's all so chaotic but harmonious. I love it!!!

After reading about Whitney for a bit this morning I realized she styles for Pottery Barn, which explains why I kept noticing Pottery Barn pieces in a lot of her shots. I actually have the corner version of the desk below in my office. A lot of the beauty of this room is the natural light, but I especially love the play between the leafy plant and the bright green upholstered chair. And who would think to mix this citrine color with an orange wall? But it works beautifully!

I love the turquoise Paisley chair in Nan Whitney's photo below. It's funny, I dress myself in mostly black/beige/brown, but when it comes to my home I want the brightest turquoise, fuchsia, and yellow in my immediate surroundings. More on my personal interiors to come...
Obviously the architecture of the staircase is amazing, but Whitney styles the room below in a way that makes even this modern glass interior feel warm and homey. The patterned citrus rug mixed with the swirling fabric on the armchairs was a bold ballsy move that really worked out well.

I have a soft spot in my heart for black and white checkered floors. Growing up the kitchen at my mom's house had big black and white tiles. I love the way a B&W floor looks with bright colored furniture and paintings. In Nan Whitney's room below the floor seems to be painted in a B&W checker pattern! It looks very chic with the silvery decor. See more work from this Boston-based designer here.

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