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Monday, May 11, 2009

Collage Imagery: Thomas Allen

Fury, 2006, 24 x 20 inches - chromogenic Print

I saw artist Thomas Allen's work at a gallery show in Chelsea in the spring of 2007. I just stumbled upon his work again via the email service Very Short List and feel the need to share his photographs with my lovely (however few) followers here at C&C. 

Allen uses an exact-o knife to cut illustrations from old pulp fiction books. He then assembles the cut outs in dioramas, creating twisted narratives from the carefully placed illustrations, like the homoerotic "Distraction" below. I like how Allen uses the elementary-school art form of the diorama to create sexually charged mini-plots. Each diorama is then photographed for the final c-print.
 Distraction 2006, 20 x 24 inchess - chromogenic Print

Tangle, 2008, 20 x 24 inches - chromogenic Print

Maneater, 2006, 20 x 24 inches - chromogenic Print

This "Maneater" photograph above reminds me of Neko Case. The red hair. The title. Her song People Got A Lot of Nerve is simply phenomenal (listen to it with the player below if you have time!). 

Red, 2002, 20 x 24 inches - chromogenic Print

Stop by Foley Gallery on 27th St in NYC to see more of Thomas Allen's work. I can't wait to start collaging a bit more! If anything serves as inspiration for a little collage action, it's certainly Allen's detailed work. 

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