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Friday, March 13, 2009

Making my Maxi Dress: Part 1 - Fabric Purchase

I went to a lunch date in NY on Friday afternoon with the Magnes Sisters. They are three Israeli sisters who make great handbags.  I told them I wanted to buy some fabric while in NY, and they recommended my Mom and I check out Kashi at Metro Fabrics. His fabric store is on the 9th floor of 265 W 37th. 

I bought a beautiful black silk for $10/yard from my new friend Kashi. The fabric is a black-on-black spotted pattern. I think it will lend well to my vision of the ideal maxi dress. I'm super psyched to make it! And for $20 (I bought 2 yards), it's cheaper than all of the long summer dresses I've been eyeing up online.

More blog posts to come as I sew the dress!

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